Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dell plans to open two retail stores

According to Dell has announced that it plans on opening two new retail stores later towards the end of this year. Dell who has been very successful in mail order delivery has taken a different approach to selling computers.

Dell who has 161 kiosks in shopping centers nationwide is planning on opening two retail stores that would have 3000 square feet of space, the stores will open in Dallas, TX and another store in New York. However there is a catch, customers will not be able to purchase Dell computers at the store; instead the stores will simply offer demos and sales staff to answer questions.

Dell, who has not been getting a lot of media attention in light of the recent Apple store opening in New York, has made this decision of opening a retail store. Will Dell be able to make as much an impact as Apple, not quite so as Apple already has a heads up when it comes to retail stores.


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