Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Delete Usage History Tracks in Windows

Windows XP as well as its predecessors has the ability to record a number of user activities in log files which can be viewed for later viewing. However if you don't want anyone to see your recent activities these logs can be deleted by YOU (The user) or an Administrator. There are many software’s available in the market that will aid you in deleting the log files stored on your PC, WikiHow has created a how to that will enable you to do this yourself without having the need to buy or download a software.
  1. Delete Internet history - In IE, bring up Internet Options from the Tools menu, then select Delete History. Alternatively delete individual items, using the History Pane accessible from the toolbar button.
  2. Delete Cookies - In the same IE Internet Options window, select Delete Cookies. Alternatively delete individual items, accessible using the View Files button.
  3. Delete Temporary files - In the same IE Internet Options window, select Delete Files.

WikiHow has discussed some more ways to delete usage tracks in Windows.

How to Delete your Usage History Tracks in Windows


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