Thursday, May 25, 2006

Company's cannot survive without GEEKS

Now days a lot of companies are depending on geeks to run and manage their IT network on a daily basis. Geeks feel proud that they have the knowledge and the ability to handle various types of networking, software, and various types of other technical related issues that they come across on a daily basis. It’s not easy being a geek; one has to train continuously to keep his/her skill set up to date. Just like this article says "Happy geeks are effective geeks".

However in a company the IT geek and their manager sometimes don’t have the best relation. "The fact is that IT people hate bad management and have even less tolerance for it than most other kinds of employees." What is the problem, can't geeks and managers work well together.

Alexander Kjerulf from Positive Sharing has some pointed out some mistakes managers make when leading geeks.

Top 10 Mistakes -

  1. Downplay training - Training matters, especially in IT, and managers must realize that and budget for it.
  2. Give no recognition - Since managers may not understand the work geeks do very well, it’s hard for them to recognize and reward a job well done, which hurts motivation. The solution is to work together to define a set of goals that both parties agree on.
  3. Plan too much overtime - “Let’s wring the most work out of our geeks, they don’t have lives anyway,” seems to the approach of some managers. That’s a huge mistake and overworked geeks burn out or simply quit.
  4. Try to be smarter than the geeks - When managers don’t know anything about a technical question, they should simply admit it. Geeks respect them for that, but not for pretending to know.

How NOT to lead geeks


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