Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cingular offers world's smallest camera flip phone

Cingular launches the Pantech C300 as part of its GoPhone prepaid service.

Atlanta -- Cingular Wireless today announced the availability of the Pantech C300 - the world's smallest camera flip phone. The phone is now available exclusively for customers of Cingular's GoPhone, the most innovative and feature-rich prepaid wireless service in the industry.

The Pantech C300 is part of the Pantech Group's unique "Slim Series" of handsets, which will be offered exclusively in the United States to Cingular customers.

The new phone, Cingular's first offering from Pantech, is just 2.72 inches tall, 1.69 inches wide and only 0.76 inches thick with the flip closed. Nevertheless, it boasts bright, large font color screens, a VGA camera with flash and zoom and such features as MP3 ringtones, SMS/MMS/IM client and email messaging, photo caller ID and others.

The Pantech C300 is available in the U.S. through Cingular Wireless retail locations or at for $119.99.

Cingular also recently announced the addition of its newly enhanced MEdia Net to the GoPhone "Pick Your Plan" service. Unlike other offerings in the industry, GoPhone MEdia Net offers customers buckets of data which means Cingular GoPhone customers do not have to pay daily charges or per kilobyte rates for prepaid data.



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