Monday, May 01, 2006

Check out Napster on the Mac for Free

Napster an online music service also a rival of the iTunes Music Store has created a new site which lets PC as well as Mac users listen to music for free. The company’s Napster To Go service doesn’t work with Apple’s iPod.

This free service provided by Napster allows you to listen to their two million plus collection without have to provide your credit card information, however there is a downside to this whole deal. You will only be able to listen to a song five times. On the sixth attempt, the web based player will prompt you to sign up for Napster membership.

The audio is low-quality, delivered in .swf Flash format at 32 kilobits per second (Kbps) — by comparison, the music you buy or subscribe to from the Napster store is delivered at 128 or 192Kbps. Because the music is delivered as a streaming Flash file, you can’t easily download it to a computer, burn it to CD or transfer it to a portable music player.

The free service works with various Web browsers on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows operating systems, according to Napster.

Source: Maccentral


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