Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Cambodian Prime Minister bans 3G cellphones

There's always been the question about how much a spouse may influence a leader of a country. It seems in Cambodia the spouse of the Prime Minister has a great deal of influence; the Cambodian Prime Minister banned 3G cellphones after complaints from his wife.

It seems that the wife received some pornography on her 3G phone, which motivated her and some of her friends to sign a petition against use of the 3G phones. 3G phones enable more multimedia capabilities for cellphones due to the higher data transmission rates offered by the technology. These capabilities include the ability to receive video and pictures.

The Cambodian Prime Minister gave a clue as to when the phones could once again be allowed to return while speaking to an assembly of monks. It seems the Prime Minister believes that the country should wait on using 3G phones until "we have managed to improve morality in society." Based on the success of that goal within other countries the last few years, it will only be a matter of time before the country completely reverts back to two cans and a string.

Read more from the Reuters article.


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