Monday, May 01, 2006

Best Buy Prank

If you’re looking for a gadget "Best Buy" would be one of your stops. While some of you would have had a pleasant experience with the customer staff at Best Buy, while on the other hand some not so quite. Best Buy employees wearing their solid blue color polo’s, khaki pants, and black shoes their regular dress code. Now imagine walking into a Best Buy store and seeing hundreds of people with this same outfit that would get confusing. It would be hard to differentiate between the customer and the employee. The only catch here is that this is a real case scenario so you don't have to dream.

New York-based prankster group Improv Everywhere decided that they had to come up with something new, something out of the box for their latest prank, and so they did. Their mission was to get 50 of their employees and dress them up like Best Buy employees and march into the Best But store located at 60 W 23rd Street, Chelsea, NY. On one hand customer were confused and could not differentiate between the employees and the customers, moreover the employees were confused themselves.

The whole mission would be an experience to remember for both the people dressed up as Best Buy employees and for the Best Buy employees as well.

There were a number of picture that were taken also there was video that was taken (the video camera was hidden inside an Xbox 360 box) nice way to fool someone.

Mission: Best Buy [Improv Everywhere]
Improv Everywhere Best Buy [crnphoto on Flickr]

Source: Gizmodo


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