Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Back Up Cell Phone Data With The Following Toys

Backing up your phone data especially your contact list is a gruesome task, until now your service provider was the only one who had the capability of backing up your phone list to a central server in case you loose your phone during which the phone list can be transferred to your new phone. This service sounds cool, but comes at a varying price depending on what service provider you currently have. However there are various applications in the market that will help you backup your phone data without incurring any monthly fees with very little change from your pocket.

Here are a few hardware devices under $40 to help you transfer data from your mobile to your PC:
  • Cell Phone Backup Drive: This device works with Motorola, LG or Samsung phones. Allows you to backup, transfer and edit cell phone data. Plugs right into your phone, and transfers data via USB to your computer.
  • Backup Pal: This device looks like a mini-Roomba, and connects to your phone via infrared or USB to create a back up on the device. Price and availability haven't been announced yet, but price is estimated to be under $40.
  • Universal USB SIM Card Reader and Writer: This gadget allows you to read, backup and modify information on any SIM card. Plug the SIM card in on one end, and the USB plugs into your computer to read the data.
  • USB Phone Book Flasher: Works with some Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung phones. Pressing one button saves your cell phone's phone book.

These are just some of the software applications that can be used to save your contact lists, however there are several other ways of doing it as well.

[via: Yahoo's Tech Advisor: Gina Hughes]


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