Thursday, May 18, 2006

Apple's 5th Avenue New York Store Is Set To Open

There has been so much anticipation about the Apple Store which is set to open on 5th Avenue in New York. The grand opening of the 5th Avenue Apple Store is set for May 19th for 6 P.M. What differentiates this store from the rest of the Apple Stores is the glass cube shape. This 20,000 square feet Store will be an underground retail space with a stylish metal and a huge glass cube covering the entrance of the store.
  • The black plastic wrapping has come off The Cube at the store, and it revealed a surprise--a huge white, floating Apple logo inside. The face of the logo is milky white and about 12-inches thick. It appears to float about half-way back in the 32-foot cube, and about one-third down from the top, suspended from the top of the cube by a substantial stainless steel pole. The sides of the logo are stainless steel.

IFOAppleStore has posted a small video and some pictures of the store as it gets ready to be unveiled on May 19th.

Apple will be performing a walk through on Thursday, May18th at 10 A.M. EST to select members of the press.

Check this panorama of the corner that includes GM plaza.

This store is said to be open 24 hours a day


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