Friday, May 19, 2006

Apple Files A Counter-Suit Against Creative Labs In The MP3 Battle

Apple has decided to file for a counter-suit after being hit by a suit by Creative Labs claiming iPods interface violates Creative's patents.

Apple Computer has sued Creative Labs for patent infringement related to the companies MP3 players after Creative filed for a similar suit earlier this week against Apple, Bloomberg News reported Friday.

Creative sued Apple on May 15, claiming that the interface using in Apple's iPod MP3 players infringes on patents it received last August for its Zen line of media players.

Creative filed the complaint both in U.S. District Court and before the U.S. International Trade Commission. The latter complaint asks that Apple be forbidden from importing iPods manufactured in Asia into the U.S.

Bloomberg reported Friday that Apple also is suing Creative Labs, claiming that Creative's media players infringe on its patents related to the iPod user interface.


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