Tuesday, April 04, 2006

W700i Walkman Phone from Sony Ericsson

The W700i from Sony Ericsson is a tri-band GSM Walkman phone, with all the cool Sony Ericsson features we have got so used to in the Walkman phones including flight mode (keeps the phone switched off in a flight, but you can still use the MP3 player) has been announced today by Sony Ericsson, with a special feature - Titanium Gold color.

Then there is the 256 MB of memory (versus 512MB on W800), which you can pack 30 hours of music into and is upgradable with a Memory Stick Pro Duo to a big 2 GB. Otherwise the W700i has pretty much the same features of the W800 - the good quality headsets, FM Radio with RDS, Disc2Phone Music ripping software, 2 Megapixel Camera with 4x zoom, and features like Bluetooth. Pricing is not yet been announced, but expect it to be around the W800 price bracket.


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