Thursday, April 20, 2006

Verizon Treo 700w - AKU2 / MSFP - Available NOW!

Treo 700w - AKU2 / MSFP - Available NOW!

The Palm® Treo™ 700w Updater 1.10 for Verizon Wireless includes the following enhancements:
  • Includes Microsoft®'s Messaging and Security Feature Pack (MSFP) with Direct Push Technology¹ for automatic wireless synchronization of email, calendar, contacts and, now, tasks² (learn more)
  • Enhances email capabilities for more support of push email solutions, such as WirelessSync and GoodLink™, and of synchronization capabilities, such as the ability to maintain an "always on" data connection after POP or IMAP email synchronization and the ability to auto-synchronize all email accounts based on user setting².
  • Updated memory management
  • Pictures and Videos enhancements
  • New Wireless Manager provides an updated interface for turning wireless radios on and off on your 700w smartphone

Click here to get the Palm Treo 700w AKU2 / MSFP Update.

If you use Verizon's Wireless Sync service to synchronize your Treo 700w smartphone, and have never synchronized to your desktop PC using the sync cable, you will need to follow these alternate instructions to update your device.

Palm note that, "After running the Treo 700w Updater for Verizon Wireless, some Settings and Preferences may have been modified. Some changed settings include:

  • Call Log filters were set to ALL instead of the previous setting.
  • View By setting in Contacts that were set to Company, was changed to View By Name.
  • Sounds and Notifications settings were checked where they were previously unchecked.
  • Background picture setting “Use this picture:” was unchecked. (Settings\ Personal tab\ Today).
  • Phone Lock Code set to default (Start\Settings\Phone\Security\Change lock code)
  • These Settings and Preferences will need to be changed back manually to the desired setting after your smartphone has been updated.

The whole process process takes upto 35 minutes, starting with downloading the 35MB Palm Treo 700w Updater 1.10.

NOTE: Don't forget the Treo 700w Webinar: "Direct Push E-Mail on Verizon" - April 26th.

Palm is offering a webinar on April 26th at 11.00 a.m. -- "Direct Push Technology Now Available On The Treo 700w Smartphone from Verizon Wireless."

It looks like the webinar may be geared toward enterprise customers, but I'm sure it will be interesting viewing for anyone with a Treo 700w on Verizon.Palm is wise to take steps to encourage adoption of a cool feature; happy customers are loyal customers, right?

Click here to register for this webinar.

Source: Palm


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