Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Toggle between Windows XP and Mac OS X

A detailed guide that will show you how to do this.
  • The first thing you should notice even before powering on your new Mac is the keyboard and mouse. There isn’t a Windows key anymore, and the Alt button now has the word “Option” on it. The Windows key has been replaced by what is commonly called the Apple or Command key, and for the large majority of hotkeys, will replace the Ctrl commands normally found on Windows.
  • You should also happily take note of three keys: F9, F10 and F11. These three keys make up Exposé, which is currently a Mac-unique feature that makes working on a computer infinitely easier. F9 miniaturizes all of your open windows and lets you view all of them. F10 miniaturizes your open windows in the program you’re running, and F11 pushes all windows out of the way to expose your desktop. See Expose section later.

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