Thursday, April 13, 2006

TDK ships Blu-Ray

Blu-Ray players have yet to hit the market, and many see the PlayStation 3 launch as the true introduction of the format, so it seems a little strange that TDK started shipping blank Blu-Ray media to retailers.

There will be a single recordable and recordable-rewritable disc available. The recordable discs will hold 25 GB of data on a single side and cost around US$19.99 each. The recordable-rewritable discs will also hold 25 GB of data on a single side but cost $24.95.Although a firm date hasn't been given, TDK also plans to release dual sided discs later this year.

These will offer the user the full 50 GB of data storage using 25 GB on each side. The recordable version of these will cost $47.99, whereas the recordable-rewritable disc will debut at $59.95. It is thought these prices will drop drastically as more manufacturers enter the fray and demand for the disc increases from the consumer market.

Read more at CNET.


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