Friday, April 14, 2006

Sprint launches child locator service

In August of last year, Sprint launched its Sprint Precision Locator service, which allows businesses to track people and assets through mobile devices. Now, Sprint launched a locator service for consumers, called Sprint Family Locator.

The Sprint Family Locator service is being marketed to parents as a way of tracking their children through their cellphones. Parents have the option of listing up to four numbers. When requested, a child's location is displayed on an interactive map, which includes a street address and surrounding landmarks.

The child's location can be determined through the parent's phone or PC. The child receives a text message every time their location is requested. Parents can also set it so they can be notified when their child arrives at a specific location. The service is available for US$9.99 a month to locate up to four phones.

Verizon Wireless began offering a location-based service to track children back in January. It seems wireless companies are getting people comfortable with location-based services by demonstrating the increased security the service provides for slightly compromised privacy.

Read more from the Sprint press release.


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