Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sony working on iPod rival

No matter how many times Sony fails on developing that perfect mp3 player, the company still does not seem to want to quit. This would be Sony's 5th attempt in trying to beat Apple. Their MP3 player will be unveiled during the beginning of next year, by March 2007. Sony whose MP3 player sales have decreased by 6.2% hopes that it will be able to gain some market share with the release of their new music player.

All well and said at this point in time when Apple has a strong hold on the music player industry it will be hard for any company to step in and knock them off, plus pretty soon Apple will be releasing their upgraded Nano's, and we will soon be seeing a wider iPod Video. Sony's release would not hamper Appleā€™s profit or market share.

Sony Readies iPod Rival [Gizmodo]


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