Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sony releases firmware update v2.7 for PSP

Sony has released the latest firmware that will upgrade your PSP to version 2.7. In each of these releases Sony not only tries to plug the holes hackers are using to play emulated games and develop for the machine, but also introduces some new features.
This release seems to put the emphasis on getting the Internet working better, having added the ability to view Macromedia Flash 6 files. Audio content can be streamed from an RSS feed and saved to a memory stick. AAC compatibility has also been added to allow for a wider range of music playback.

The LocationFree player is also being included, which--when coupled with a Base Station--is meant to allow users to stream TV and movies from their home to their PSP. The rollout and usage of this system is limited by region and not all PSP owners will be able to take advantage of it. It seems Sony is controlling this with the availability of the Base Station you need to make it work.

For more, please see Game Informer Online.


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