Friday, April 28, 2006

New Samsung LG-KB1500

Take a look at the latest creation from Samsung, its "Samsung LG-KB1500 aka LG-LB1500" look at the words I know what you're staring at. It weighs in at 120 grams and will be available in May of 2006, not in the U.S though. Still no information is available as to when the phone will be released in the U.S. Why is U.S so behind when it comes to cell phone technology?

Phone Feature -
  • A swivelable LCD screen for wide screen viewer
  • 19mm sllim body
  • 1.3 megapiexl camera
  • Transflash card slot and 262k colors screen

This model has many other features, especially DLS (Dynamic Label Service) function and JSS (Jpeg Slide Show); DLS allows you to view the contents Traffic Broadcasting system through the screen while listening to radio, and JSS enables you to view a singers picture while giving you the ability to listen to the artists songs at the same time. Moreover if you receive a call or a text message while watching live TV or listening to your lovely music you will get a small indication on the corner of your screen.

Samsung LG-KB1500 aka LG-LB1500


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