Saturday, April 01, 2006

Mobile Domains For Sale In May

Mobile Domains For Sale In May

TechWeb is reporting that, "Mobile Top Level Domain (mTLD), the company behind the .mobi (dotmobi) domain, will begin registering Internet addresses in May geared toward mobile devices. The domain suffix comes with a new set of design standards that dotMobi chief executive officer Neil Edwards said will make the Internet more accessible on tiny, portable screens. 3 Mobile, Ericsson, Google, GSM World, Nokia, Microsoft, Samsung, T-Mobile, Telefonica, Telecom Italia Mobil and Vodafone have invested to deliver the service. Registrants will need to catalog a domain name through companies, such as GoDaddy, Organic or VeriSign. Trademark copyright holders, are next from June 12 through August 21. General registration opens August 28."

This is interesting. While networks speeds and the power of mobile devices are increasing rapidly, many websites are just not much fun to navigate on a small screen. This new standard moves towards the creation of a more mobile device friendly internet. And it also means a lot of opportunity for XHTML developers.

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Source: TechWeb


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