Monday, April 03, 2006

Microsoft launches FIFA bundle for Xbox 360 in Japan

Software giant Microsoft last year launched their next generation gaming console Xbox 360 with much fanfare in the United States. That launch was followed by a very successful launch in the European market. However, Japan gave a cold shoulder to this new gaming machine from Microsoft.

The company is now trying hard to revive the interest in Xbox 360 as Microsoft in collaboration with FIFA, EA and Adidas Japan, has announced plans to release a limited edition Xbox 360 bundle in Japan.

This launch would coincide with the launch of EA’s FIFA World Cup Germany game and they are expecting that this would drive sales of the Xbox 360 gaming console in this market. this package would consist of the Xbox 360 console with hard drive, wireless controller and media accessories in addition to a limited edition Adidas Japan blue faceplate featuring the colors of Japan’s national football team, an Adidas Japan blue bandana and a copy of EA’s World Cup Germany game.

Incidentally, the company now has a greater chance of enticing the average Japanese gamer with Sony confirming the delay in the launch of their next generation gaming console, Xbox 360 and Nintendo not releasing much details about their Nintendo Revolution.


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