Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Intel targets Core Duo to desktops

Intel has recently begun promoting the use of its more energy-efficient mobile products for use in desktop computers, namely the Core Duo and Core Solo line of microprocessors, which today have been integrated only with Apple's new line of Intel-based computers.

So far Intel's marketing has only steered the use of these chips towards small form factor machines, highlighting the thermal advantages of the products. Thanks to a typical 31 watt thermal envelope, these processors will likely fit in the niche-est of form factors, enabling sleek mobile and consumer electronic devices.

While the Core Duo selections don't currently support 64-bit memory addressing, they do offer performance that challenges the latest P4 and Athlon offerings in some applications. The shared-cache architecture brought Intel quite a boost in multi-threaded apps; nevertheless, with Conroe on the horizon patient Geeks may choose to wait. But then again, how can a real Geek be patient?

For more information, visit X-bit labs.


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