Friday, April 28, 2006

IE7 a complete review

Looks like ExtremeTech has done a full review of IE7 and like most of my friends and work colleagues who downloaded IE7 and who also just like the folks over @ ExtremeTech were not satisfied with the upgraded product.

ExtremeTech did a side by side comparison of IE7 and the other toolbar that has been gaining market share namely “Mozilla Firefox”, if you have used Firefox before you would notice that IE7 has tabs now something that was lacking in the older versions of Internet Explorer.

Here is what they had to say -
  • Internet Explorer 7, by contrast, doesn't have these features. There's a plug-in architecture, but as far as I can tell it doesn't let plug-in authors actually mess around with things like clicking behavior and the layout of the actual IE 7 frame itself. When I middle-click on a folder full of links in the Favorites Bar in IE 7, for some reason it opens a new window showing me all the link files. This behavior is in contrast to middle-clicking on an actual link in a web page which opens that link in a new tab.
  • Why doesn't middle-clicking the folder full of links on my Favorites bar open all the links inside it in new tabs? I use that in Firefox all the time. Why can't I middle-click a tab to close it (I don't like having to aim for the little "close" button)? Why can't I customize the way things look when I download files, getting rid of those file transfer windows? IE 7 just doesn't work the way I want it do, and from what I can see, there aren't any simple extensions or plug-ins to make it do so.

IE7 Isn't Good Enough


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