Friday, April 28, 2006

How exactly do xbox live servers work?

I am mostly curious, how this live connection works when playing games online. Basically what I am looking for (as example) is if Joe, Bob, Larry, and Mike all want to play a game of GRAW together, here is what may happen.

Joe hosts a game and the other 3 join in. Joe has pretty bad speed and the lag is horrible. So they decide to leave and have Larry who has good speed host the game and the lag is gone for all and everyone has a great time.

Why? Why did the game lag when Joe was the host and not ?When someone hosts a game does that mean their xbox is acting as the server for people to connect through xbox live.

Or is the game just being hosted on a server on the xbox live network?

Answer -

Xbox Live only tells you wheir the rooms are. So if you start hosting a game, the xbox will send a signal to their server, hey im hosting If people look for the games, they will send a signal to xbox live servers with, hey i need this and this type of game. You get a list of all the games which have the same settings like you want. Then you can select one, and the xbox gets to know the ip to connect to from xbox live. Then you connect to that one, and the connection for playing is between you and the host, not with xbox live servers. Stats, like kills get sended to xbox live, but not your position, voice and speed walking, direction, that goes between host and you.

Everyone connects to the host. If you start to walk, you send a signal to him (upload, you send) The host gets the signal (download, he recieves) Then he sends that signal to all other players (upload, he sends). They download that signal again (download, they recieve). Because the hosts needs to download the signals from all the players, and send it to all the other ones, he needs the best connection, because as a normal player you only send and recieve from the host.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Distance would also affect your connection, is the real problem with the xbox servers. No one (minus a few ms employees) actually knows where the main server location is.

April 28, 2006 12:14 PM  

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