Thursday, April 06, 2006

Exclusive Xbox 360 Games Announced in Tokyo

Microsoft held its Japanese Xbox 360 media briefing today at the at the Tokyo International Forum in Yurakucho. They talked about how the Xbox 360 has done in Japan so far, their future strategy, and also announced some new and exclusive Xbox 360 games.

Sqaure-Enix, well known for the Final Fantasy series, did not announce a RPG as everyone was expecting, but instead they revealed "Project Sylph", which is a shooter type game. While little details were available, more information is promised at the coming E3 in May.

Another title to be announced was a new Xbox Live game from Namco Bandia, entitled Culdcept Saga, of which more information is expected around April 14th, and Tri-Ace were also announced to be developing a Xbox 360 exclusive action role playing game.

A trailer showing off the online version of Mobile Suit Gundam was also shown, and well as various arcade game additions to Xbox Live being mentioned.

Xbox Japan leader Takashi Sensui also admitted that the Xbox 360 had "very much underperformed" in Japan thus far, but hoped to start to turn that around with the recently announced FIFA World Cup console packs.


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