Saturday, April 01, 2006

Datel Release of 4GB Hard Drive

Datel's 4GB Hard Drive for Xbox 360 is no ordinary hard drive. It's a portable solution for playing your digital music tracks or viewing picture files on your new console, so you can listen to your digital music or view your photo collection from the comfort of your living room or bedroom. You can even use your music files as an in-game soundtrack while playing your latest Xbox 360 games!

This tiny, palm-sized device measures just 4.9 x 5.7 x 2cm, and weighs less than four ounces. Styled to match your Xbox 360, this portable drive connects to the USB ports on your console and your PC. Transfer your happening tracks from your computer to your 4GB Hard Drive, then plug it into your console, and play your sensational sounds through your Xbox 360. Best of all, you can use your own MP3s as a unique in-game soundtrack simply by selecting an option on the Dashboard before inserting your game disc. Just the thing for that thrilling beat-'em-up or ace racer with great in-game action, but lousy music. You can also use your Xbox 360 as a picture viewer by copying your pics to your 4GB Hard Drive and viewing them on your console. At last, you can show your mates your collection of holiday snaps without having to crowd them around your computer. It can be used as a flash drive to transfer all forms of digital data between computers too.

The 4GB Hard Drive for Xbox 360 holds thousands of songs or over 5,000 images. It's USB 2.0, so data transfer is ultra-fast, and it's styled to match your console – it even has a glowing green LED! Your Xbox 360 recognises JPEG, GIF, BMP and TIFF picture files stored on the 4GB Hard Drive, and WMA, MP3 and AAC audio files. It is not intended as an alternative to an internal drive, however, and cannot be used for game saves due to restrictions imposed by the console itself.


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