Friday, April 07, 2006

Cingular to Sell Ringtones from MySpace Bands

Cingular today announced plans to sell ringtones from bands that put their music on, hoping to boost revenue, customer loyalty, and help its image among young people.

Cingular's Mobile Music Studio will offer unsigned artists and bands on MySpace the tools needed to turn their self-produced music into ringtones, helping artists generate exposure and excitement for their music.

Currently, the Mobile Music Studio is being trialed by 75 unsigned MySpace bands and artists. Through Cingular's Mobile Music Studio, located on a dedicated page on MySpace, artists are guided through the licensing and production process.

Once licensing is completed, artists will then be able to upload a short track of their original song, via an audio file, at which time the music content is screened to ensure content is indeed original and appropriate. Upon successful review, the audio file is converted into a 30-second ringtone.

Artists will then be provided a link so their tones can be posted for audio preview and sold on their existing MySpace profile pages. Additionally, Cingular will give these unsigned artists the opportunity to market their ringtone on MySpace. These exclusive ringtones will only be available for download by Cingular customers on Cingular phones. Cingular and MySpace expect to roll out the Mobile Music Studio nationally later this spring.

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