Wednesday, April 12, 2006

China Mobile cancels 19,000 of its subscribers in 6 months

China Mobile reportedly needed to crack down on SMS abusers on its network, having cancelled the service of 19,000 of its subscribers for SMS abuse in the last 6 months all in a single province. The SMS abuse includes messages used to get wireless subscribers to send personal financial information or to remit money.

China Mobile established a hot line, so its subscribers could report junk SMS messages and forward them on where they could be seen by officials. The wireless company has a policy where if it receives 7 or more complaints for a specific number it cuts off the SMS functionality for that number. The company also monitors messages sent by contracted ISPs.Contracted ISPs are not to send any messages to customers that act as an advertisement for a paid service.

If China Mobile receives more than 50 complaints for an ISP, then the company will take action to terminate its contract and cut off services. However, China Mobile is limited in the action it can take outside of its province, which makes its efforts a small dam trying to hold back an ocean of SMS abuse.

Read more from China Daily.


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