Saturday, April 08, 2006

Cabspotting: Map Cabs as they move through San Francisco

boing boing has found a very interesting post that has of course cought my eye. a site designed and run by Eric Rodenbeck of the mind-blowing Stamen Design firm. An online art experience that traces the movement of San Francisco's GPS-enabled Yellow Cabs as they move through the city. It's part of the Exploratorium's larger Invisible Dynamics initiative to "reveal radically surprising and inspiring views of the systems interconnecting the communities of the Bay."'s real-time cab tracking (image at left) and time lapse (still frame at right) visualizations. This is stunning work. From the project description:
  • We are already familiar with the dominant street-map view of our city. (Invisible Dynamics) will reveal other ways of seeing our environment, such as the view of the sewer infrastructure; the flow of water; the commercial activity of boats, trucks and planes; or the ecological activities of the marshes and wetlands surrounding the bay.
  • Cab Projects are vehicles for artists, writers, or researchers to explore these issues in the form of a small experiment, investigation or observation. These projects will be included on an ever-growing Cabspotting site to form a continually expanding view of the anthropological record created by this system.

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