Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Big Plans for the Live Arcade at E3

A Microsoft source close to the Xbox Live Arcade team recently spoke to SPonG and said that we can expect a huge announcement concerning the Arcade at E3. Have you heard of MAME?

"XBLA has seen some pretty serious deal-making in this first quarter - it's been a real priority," said the MS insider, "The deal-making has been a no-brainer for everyone we've spoken to and, aside from a few licensing issues with existing products, XBLA is going to smash Nintendo's Virtual Console to pieces."

Now onto the MAME arcade emulator piece:

"You've heard of MAME right? Right. We're just doing a legal version of MAME, meaning that all the game owners get paid and the users get quality product based around a community," said the source. "Imagine the biggest arcade in the world, just 1,000 times bigger. It'll have as many machines as we can possibly get, all with score-rankings and other community stuff. It's not a secret that MAME was massive for hackers of the original Xbox and the pull and sales of retro game packs on current machines is still really high. If this is taken and put under the right noses, it should become the biggest thing in mainstream/hardcore gamer crossover in the industry."

While this is certainly nothing official, we can expect to find out the real deal soon enough at E3 next month.


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