Monday, April 03, 2006 dominates Google in China dominates Google in China

Google might be catering to almost half of the search engine users in the US market but they are not still a match for the Chinese internet giant China based accounts for 56.6 percent of the total market. Google comes second with around 32.8 percent market share.

As a result, these two search engine companies alone accounts for almost 90% of all internet searches in the world’s second largest internet market. These statistics were revealed by iResearch who added that Yahoo was the third most used search engine in the country with a market share of just around 5 percent.

The research group added that was ranked second in the market around three years ago and has grown considerably in the recent years and this company is still expanding fast. Google was the market leader in 2003 but has lost its lead in the recent times. The company recently launched a sanitized version of their Google Search in the country complying with the demands of the Chinese government.


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