Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sprint Nextel Sues to Stop Sales of Phone Records

Sprint Nextel has filed a third lawsuit against companies allegedly selling the mobile phone records of its customers, the company announced Monday.

The lawsuit, against San Marco & Associates Private Investigations of St. Petersburg, Florida, was filed Friday in Florida, Sprint Nextel said.

In the complaint, Sprint Nextel accuses San Marco & Associates of using fraudulent tactics such as pretexting, the practice of obtaining personal information under false pretenses, to access mobile phone logs and phone numbers. Pretexting often involves a scammer who pretends to be a mobile phone customer in order to get personal information from a carrier.

Sprint Nextel has requested both temporary and permanent injunctions against San Marco & Associates, the company said.

San Marco & Associates did not return a phone call seeking comment on the Sprint Nextel lawsuit.

In January Sprint Nextel filed a pretexting lawsuit against 1st Source Information Specialists, and the carrier later won an injunction against the operator of Locatecell.com, Datafind.org, and other Web sites. After the injunction, 1st Source can no longer sell call records from Sprint Nextel customers.

Sprint Nextel also filed a complaint in January against All Star Investigations, believed to operate OnlinePI.com, Allstarinvestigations.com, Detectivesusa.com, and other Web sites.

In January Verizon Wireless filed a lawsuit against several companies, including 1st Source Information Specialists and Data Find Solutions. Verizon secured injunctions against other companies in an effort to stop them from fraudulently obtaining Verizon customer data.

Also in January Cingular Wireless won an injunction that ordered eFindOutTheTruth.com not to pose as a Cingular customer or employee for any purpose. Cingular has filed a lawsuit against the company charging it with unlawfully obtaining Cingular customer records. Cingular has secured a similar restraining order against two other companies.


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