Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Plantronics Introduces New Headsets

Plantronics, Inc. today unveiled three new gaming headsets for the Xbox 360 and Xbox. Headlined by the new GameCom X30 and GameCom X20, the headsets feature hot new designs, wearing styles and crystal-clear audio to help Xbox Live users shift online gaming into overdrive during stealth missions, fourth-quarter Superbowl drives or full-blown shooter fests.

The GameCom X30 and GameCom X20 reflect Xbox 360 coloring and incorporate single-ear designs that allow gamers to be fully engaged in online battles while talking offline with others in the room. Both of the headsets are ultra-light and discreet, and boast supple, ear-melding designs that provide comfort for all-night gaming. The new GameCom X10 includes over-the-head styling and traditional Xbox colors. All of the new headsets feature noise-canceling mics to reduce background noise and ensure friends or foes on the other end hear every word. The headsets also feature inline volume and mute controls to put gamers in the driver’s seat.

The X20

“The phenomenal success of the GameCom Halo 2 headset illustrated that Xbox gamers are looking for headsets that have excellent audio performance, combined with innovative designs and wearing styles,” said Matt Miller, director of Gaming and Entertainment at Plantronics. “The new line of GameCom headsets furthers Plantronics’ commitment to ensuring Xbox gamers, from casual to hard-core enthusiasts, get the most out of their online experiences with headsets that meet their personal preferences.”

The X30

You can check out more details on the Xbox 360 headsets by clicking the links below to EBGames.


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