Saturday, March 25, 2006

PayPal Mobile goes Live!

PayPal now seems to have PayPal mobile up and running. If you log into your PayPal account and search the help docs for "paypal mobile", you will find all the info on it. When I tried to enable PayPal Mobile on my phone, the link lead me to the home page and no more information was given. Looks like they are close, very close.

What is PayPal mobile and how does it work?
  • You can use your mobile phone to securely send money and make payments within the U.S. and Canada. To use PayPal mobile, you must activate your mobile phone. Activating your phone requires setting a secure mobile PIN and confirming phone ownership. Activate your phone now. You can send your payment either through text message to the PayPal mobile short code 729725 (PAYPAL) or by calling the automated voice system at 1-800-4PAYPAL.

Is there a fee to use PayPal mobile?

  • PayPal does not charge fees to send mobile payments, and PayPal does not charge premium text messaging fees. Your phone carrier may charge you for any text messages or airtime minutes. Please check with your phone carrier to confirm what fees apply for text messages and phone calls. Premier and Business account holders are charged for receiving payments. See fees for receiving funds.

Paypal Mobile [via Engadget]


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