Friday, March 31, 2006

Next Halo Maybe March 2007

The latest news on the Halo 3 front is that we can expect it come March 2007, roughly one year from now - so says two anonymous sources close to Microsoft.

IGN recently received the information from two different sources, one "in Microsoft" and the second "close to the company" who both said that the next game in the Halo series will be published in March 2007.

While Microsoft have declined to officially comment, IGN have nevertheless made their own comments on the supposed launch date, saying that while the holiday season is still of the upmost importance in terms of selling games, the first quarter of the year has also seen a rise in sales volume, which could explain Microsofts move.

While many presumed that Microsoft would launch the next Halo at the same time as the Playstation 3 was released, they might be deviating from that strategy in order to get as many people focusing on the massively popular game as possible.

Also interesting is the timing with regards to the Halo movie, which is due summer 2007. Another previous scenario was the simultaneous release of both the game and the motion picture. However, as IGN suggests, maybe the game leaves questions open for the movie to address.

Via: IGN


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