Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Michigan Survives - Group Helps Tech Professionals Between Jobs

DEARBORN - More than 120 people turned out for the inaugural meeting of Michigan Survives, a new organization that has been formed to help laid-off professionals in metro Detroit, and to show them that there is life after lay-off.

One of the organizers, Eudora Adolph, said that she found the response, “overwhelmingly positive and we expect the next event that will be held April 5th to be even bigger.”

As a transplant to Michigan, Adolph said she saw the need for an organization that could offer a network of resources for professionals who had lost their jobs through corporate downsizing, layoffs, company bankruptcies, and plant closings.

“These life-changing events often create intense stress, personal uncertainty and even panic,” said Adolph. “Our state needs a local organization that provides positive, informative professional support and service for all levels of professionals.”

She said that her experience has shown her that other cities such as Chicago, San Jose and New York have those kinds of associations where members and guests meet to network, share key information, and receive educational and functional support.

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