Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Intel ventures into Brazil

The Brazilian economy is about to get another boost from Intel, which decided--through its venture capital arm, Intel Capital--to invest another US$50 million in the nation's business ventures.The chip giant has already put $35 million of venture funds into start-ups in Brazil, helping to fund companies such as Digitron, TelecomNet, and Certsign.

This additional money is going to be invested specifically in wireless technology start-ups, however. As a way of encouraging this investment, Intel CEO Paul Otellini is currently attending a number of meetings in the nation.Intel is one of the largest venture capitalist companies in the world--if not the largest--regarding funding developing nations.

These include Brazil, Russia, India, and China, which make up the BRIC powers--meaning they are seen as the fastest developing nations of the world. The main aim of Intel's investments at the moment is to help create new products and increase the demand for computers, therefore indirectly increasing the need for the chips the company sells.

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