Saturday, March 25, 2006

Intel launches new Extreme Edition processor

Intel recently launched the Pentium Extreme Edition 965, likely the last Extreme Edition upgrade before the introduction of processors based on the new next-generation micro-architecture. The new chip is a dual-core (also called double-core) Presler processor based on Intel's 65 nm process technology. Armed with 2 MB of on-die cache in each core, the new EE 965 is clocked at 3.73GHz and interfaces with a 1,066MHz FSB.

Capable of executing four threads at a time, the new chip also hosts Intel's virtualization (VT) feature, enabling high performance platforms running multiple environments or operating systems.

Like all the previous EE versions, the new 965 can be yours for an Extreme price that will likely limit the chip to a niche market of gamers and enthusiasts willing to shell out top dollar for every ounce of performance. Of course, we Geeks know many of "those people" all too well.

For more information, visit ExtremeTech, and check out Intel's Extreme Edition spec page.


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