Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Game for MI: 3 to hit cellphones before consoles

The next big action movie, "Mission Impossible: 3" is taking a less traditional approach regarding releasing video games based on the movie. Rather than publishing a console game first, MI: 3 will instead first be released as a mobile video game.

The mobile game of the movie is set to be released in conjunction with the May premiere. The move shows the opportunity many see within the mobile game industry. I have said it time and time again: everyone carries their cellphone, and everyone will eventually be in a situation where they need to kill some time. That's where mobile games come in.

The opportunities for mobile entertainment on cellphones are endless. It just takes companies with vision. Clearly, Viacom Consumer Products has that vision.This is another nice little catch for Gameloft. The company apparently also landed a mobile game for "War of the Worlds" last year, which become one of the companys top sellers. This new mobile game based on "Mission Impossible: 3" has the chance to become another top game for the company.

Read more from Reuters.


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