Thursday, March 09, 2006

ETech flickr based JavaScript tutorial

Here is a new approach to learning, read books using your flickr account. Simon Willison a flickr pro account user who has recently posted his complete guide to “A (Re)-Introduction to JavaScript” using his flickr account. There a total of 111 photos, it just makes the whole process of learning more fun and a little easier (Especially for me since I spend 12 hours in a day sitting in front of a computer ). The new age of learning has started.

  • I gave a three hour JavaScript tutorial at ETech this morning, aimed at people with previous programming experience who hadn't yet dived deep in to JavaScript as a programming language. It seemed to go pretty well - some good questions were asked at various points and a few people told me afterwards that they had found it interesting.

There's a lot of interest in the slides as a single file. The PDF is 50MB thanks to all of the images, but I'll see about getting it hosted on the ETech site. In the mean-time, I've posted higher quality copies of the slides to Flickr.


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