Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bluetooth set to replace Wi-Fi at home?

The worlds big electronic players have just finished discussing the future of digital media streaming and theyve apparently earmarked Bluetooth as the answer.

We might be used to using the wireless networking technology to exchange amusing pictures on our mobile phones, but by 2008 we should be seeing devices loaded with an ultra-fast version of Bluetooth capable of streaming high quality audio and video.

Using Ultra Wideband radio technology, this new fangled version will be able to transfer data at speeds of 100 megabits per second around 100 times faster than the current incarnation used on phones and laptops. It will also have a range of around 50 feet, as opposed to the 30 foot range it has now.

High quality video requires speeds of something like 10 megabits per second, so we could well have Bluetooth-enabled central hubs pinging Hi-Def TV shows and movies to different screens around the home. Quite a departure from using it to send your mate the latest Crazy Frog ringtone.


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