Monday, March 27, 2006

Best hotel WiFi in the world

HotelChatter has posted its latest annual roundup of the best hotel WiFi in the world.
  • Kimpton Hotels: Kimpton once again tops the list as the undisputed hotel WiFi kings. The brand improved their now legendary free WiFi service in the last couple of years, by extending their fast, reliable WiFi network to your upstairs room, at many hotels.
  • Kimpton doesn't count on their lobby WiFi network to reach the top floors of their buildings, instead, at the hotels we visited, Kimpton actually had two separate WiFi networks--one for the lobby and the other for the guest rooms.
  • Both networks are easily accessible by clicking on a standard terms and conditions.
  • Kimpton Hotels tend to appeal to business travelers, hip leisure travelers, and globe-trotting bloggers.

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Source: boing boing


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