Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Airlines lose 204,000 bags a year

SITA Inc., an IT provider that tracks baggage information for airlines and passengers, said the air transport industry is losing about $2.5 billion annually because of misconnects and mishandled baggage.

SITA (Geneva) also revealed that the number of bags lost or stolen is running at about 204,000 per annum.

The company, which proposes radio frequency identification (RFID) as a possible solution, also reports that the problem of mishandled baggage is worsening on both sides of the Atlantic. This is due to airport congestion, tight turnaround times, increased interlining, security regulations and mounting passenger and baggage volumes, said Francesco Violante, managing director of SITA.

“This year we will reach the two billion passenger landmark, which on current trends, will translate into 30 million pieces of mishandled baggage," he said in a statement.

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