Thursday, February 09, 2006

Why Do Workouts Work?

Weightlifting - How does it affect a person’s body, their way of thinking, their overall capability of doing things? Overall I consider myself to be someone who enjoys exercising on a regular basis. I have a set schedule on what days I need to work out, and how much I have to work out. In the end it definitely makes me feel better about myself and makes life happier. That’s what this post is about how to feel better when doing weights. “Most machines don't improve with use. Old pickup trucks don't gradually become Ferraris just by driving them fast, and a pocket calculator won't change into a supercomputer by crunching lots of numbers.

The human body is different. As weightlifters know, the more that people use their muscles, the stronger they become. And unused muscles do not remain preserved; neglect causes them to waste away, or atrophy.”

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