Monday, February 13, 2006

Google share may fall another 50 pct

Google whose shares have been sky rocketing over the past weeks has taken a tumble in the past couple of days.

According to Reuters, “Google's stock is based on speculating about what may happen if mounting competition or fraud by users of its Google's ad-buying system led to a 20 percent shortfall in bullish analysts' 2006 revenue estimates.”

After this Google stock will be worth $188, compared to $360. The stock traded at levels above $471 on January 11, but closed at $362.61 on Friday on Nasdaq.

Hey that’s still not bad having stock that’s worth $188, it would have been better for the stockholders to sell their shares when the stock was $471, could have made some money. However Google stock is doing comparatively well when compared to other large tech companies.

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