Thursday, December 15, 2005

Xbox bosses Bach, Moore get new roles

Robbie Bach fills in leadership roles at Xbox division as he assumes broader responsibilities at Microsoft. Peter Moore, J Allard grab new titles.
  • Already in charge of Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division, one of three lead divisions at the software and game giant, Robbie Bach yesterday took on an even broader set of responsibilities.
  • In news that appears to have been "leaked" to a number of news outlets--most notably The Wall Street Journal and Seattle Post-Intelligencer--Bach outlined the changes, which come on the heels of earlier management tweaks that were announced over the summer.
  • Moore was put in charge of the Interactive Entertainment Business unit, one of four divisions that now report to Bach. Moore will oversee all of Microsoft's game interests in both the hardware and software (which will now include games for the Xbox and PC) departments. The new division will also help with the new Vista operating system launch.

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