Thursday, December 15, 2005

Interview with one half of Google's co-founder in 2038

"Google" a company that has created so much hype and anticipation for its audience over the past years has really made a mark over our minds.

As of right now Google is the most sought after company that every engineer wants to work for, but will it be the same 32 years from now.

Here is an article from Google Blogoscoped, which sums it up step by step.

The Interview

First of all, I'm happy you finally agreed to an interview!

So welcome, Larry. Thanks. Glad to be here.

I know you're quite busy, as always. Has the pressure on you increased after Sergey retired?

Not really. I mean, I work 12 hours a day... not much has changed with that. I guess I get less work done than before, but then again, we have such a great team of engineers to support our vision. Which other company can boast to have over 10,000 PhDs in their headquarters alone?

The Interview with Larry Page.


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