Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Intel unveils first 65nm processor Pentium D 955

Today, Intel announced the flagship of the upcoming second-generation Pentium D 900, code-named Presler: The Pentium D 955 rings in the transition from a 90 to a 65 nm production process and the final stage of the aging "NetBurst" architecture.

Prices of retail versions of the 65 nm processors range from about $270 for the Pentium D 920 to about $660 for the Pentium D 950. The flagship, named Pentium Extreme Edition 955, is listed from about $1100.

However, sales representatives for several stores told us that the processors are "not in stock," but are expected to be available soon. "Typically, when we put a product online in this fashion, it means that we will be shipping it within 7 to 10 days," a PCMall sales representative said.

These prices reflect slight premium of Intel's OEM pricing, which considers pricing of processors in 1000-unit quantities. According to sources, Intel will sell the 3.4 GHz model 950 for $637, the 3.2 GHz 940 for $423, the 3 GHz 930 for $316 and the 2.8 GHz 920 for $241. The Pentium Extreme Edition 955 is expected to cost $999.


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