Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Download your date

You can use your iPod to download "Gold Digger" or a recent episode of "Lost"--but did you know your pocket-sized pal also can help you land a significant other?

A new dating service,, allows users to download video profiles of prospective dates onto their mp3 players.

"It's basically the ability to video date on the go," said Jon Myers, vice president of strategy at Poddater, which launched last month. "We're placing a bet that video is where things are going."

That's a big gamble, said Nate Elliott, an online dating analyst at Jupiter Research.

Previous attempts to break from the mold of online dating services, such as mobile phone dating, have generally been unsuccessful, Elliott said."Consumers don't seem to care about bells and whistles,"

Elliott said, noting that the $500 million online dating industry is the largest category of paid online content. [via Chicago Tribune]


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