Saturday, December 10, 2005

Can you please explain Einstein's theory of relativity and the reason why it is such a great theory?

A little research on the Web revealed that Einstein introduced not one but two theories of relativity.

The first one, A Special Theory of Relativity, was published in 1905 and it overthrew common sense perceptions and interpretations of space and time. The theory states that relative to the observer, both space and time are altered near the speed of light -- distances appear to stretch and clocks tick more slowly.

Ten years later, Einstein's General Theory of Relativity challenged Newtonian assumptions about a "clockwork universe" and the nature of gravity. To Einstein, gravity is a local warp in the fabric of spacetime, rather than a distant force. This new theory of gravitation paved the way for scientists to first conceptualize, then study and simulate the behavior of black holes.
But what's so special about relativity?

By creating two important ideas, Einstein developed his paradigm-shifting physics:

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