Monday, December 19, 2005

Building a Multi-layered Approach to E-mail Security

As recently as 10 years ago, e-mail was just finding its way into everyday use across the corporate world. Today it is one of the most critical elements of any organization’s information infrastructure, and when e-mail goes down, the consequences can be severe. For large e-retailers, companies in financial services, government entities and other industries, a prolonged e-mail outage can cripple the ability to do business.

Unfortunately, that fact also makes e-mail a prime target for malicious hackers and electronic vandals. Many of today’s most malignant viruses and worms are distributed through e-mail and messaging systems. High-profile attacks can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in downtime and clean-up costs, not to mention possible damage to the company’s reputation.

Beyond those obvious threats, the content of e-mails themselves can be dangerous for an organization if the system is used improperly or carelessly.



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